Meet our new Deacon: the Rev. Jake Andrews

I come to Spokane with my wife, Chris, and our son, Jonah. We were most recently living in Iowa, where I earned my MFA in English from the University of Iowa; I taught there and at Iowa State. But I do not have divided loyalties: I’m originally from Alabama, so I cheer for the Crimson Tide (if I cheer for anyone)!

Before our time in Iowa, Chris and I lived in Scotland and England. Chris earned her PhD in English from the University of St Andrews, and I earned my PhD in Divinity from the University of Aberdeen. I taught theology and was a researcher at the Universities of St Andrews and Cambridge.

I started my journey to ordination with the United Methodist Church in Alabama before becoming an Episcopalian in seminary. I began my formal discernment process with the Scottish Episcopal Church and then life took us to England and then to Iowa, where my process reached its conclusion with my ordination to the transitional diaconate just last summer. Life again intervened, and we moved to Spokane where I have taken a position as Assistant Professor of English at Whitworth, where I teach creative writing. Chris and Jonah are adjusting to life in Spokane before Chris starts looking for a job. If you talk with me long enough, I will mention Augustine – the subject of my doctoral studies – and my theological (and fictional) interests have to do with articulating God’s grace in the midst of the suffering and hardships that life throws our way. But enough about me! Jonah loves the music at the cathedral and he sometimes says “ding ding” where he thinks bells should chime during the Eucharist. Chris is passionate about the liturgy and has a long history of serving parishes (but I won’t say how so as not to volunteer her inadvertently!).

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