Better Know a Parishioner: Kathie Hawkins

I’m Kathie Hawkins. Outside my work at the Cathedral, I work for Travelers Insurance as a licensed insurance agent in 45 states. My hobbies include cooking and sewing and my mini garden on my patio.

What is your history at St. John’s Cathedral, and the Episcopal Church at large?  

My husband Dallas grew up in an Anglican Church in Calgary, while I grew in the Assemblies of God Church as a young person. I was searching for a Church home with a more structured liturgy, which we both found at St John’s about 13 years ago.

What ministries at St. John’s are you most passionate about? If none at St. John’s, what ministries in Spokane are you most passionate about?

Oh where do I begin?  I think I am most passionate about the Verger ministry, since that is my job almost every week. Keeping things running smoothly for our worship is important to me. I also enjoy being the Acolyte leader, as well as the fellowship of Daughters of the King.

I am active in Altar Guild and of course, St. Monica Guild since I love to cook.

What is one thing you’d like to know more about at St. John’s?

I would love to become more knowledgeable about our history, and learn every detail of our Cathedral. One day I will do just that!

What is one thing you would like St. John’s to know more about you?

Most of you already know my love for St John’s. It is my second home!

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