A Fond Farewell

A lot can happen in three years.

Three years ago, I was ordained a Priest here at St. John’s Cathedral. It was a great moment in my life and a launching off point for what I am sure will be a life well-filled. Just under three years ago, I started working here at St. John’s Cathedral, the newest Curate, ready to cut my teeth in real ministry and put all of my seminary learnings to good use. It was just over a year ago, that you helped my wife and I welcome our baby girl Charlee into the church as she was baptised here. And it was this past year that we’ve lived into the uncertainty of transition together. It has been these past three years that have taught me a lot about what it means to be a priest, what it looks like to live into that vocation, how I can take what I have learned here with me as I answer the call to serve as the next Rector of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, in Longview, Washington.

This past year in particular has allowed me to really stretch my learning and put into practice those things I learned in my first two years, while also growing with and learning from this community. Whether it be our exploration together last fall on what mission and outreach means to us as a community, or the experiment that turned into a regular offering of the Joyful Noise Eucharist this past spring, we have worked diligently and faithfully together to create formation, liturgy, and community here at St. John’s. This past year of faithful community discernment and transition period living has also influenced my own personal discernment as I sought my next calling to serve God’s church.

I particularly want to thank the youth and young adult(ish) people of this congregation. I have spent much of my time and energy working with these groups of people in our community, and I have loved every minute of it. Whether it be attending youth group every week, helping grow the Yoga at the Cathedral program, doing seasonal book studies, attending baseball (and hockey and basketball) games, and launching a new concert experience, these people have inspired me in my ministry to see church in new ways.

Ultimately I want to thank this congregation and the people within it that have given me a platform in order to succeed. It started with Bill Ellis, someone I will always treasure having had the opportunity to learn under. It ends in our time of transition as we (not so) patiently await the arrival of our next Dean, Heather. I know that this place and this congregation are in fine position to help lead the church into our unknown future, and I will be excited to see how the Cathedral of Spokane, the Cathedral on the Hill, continues to live out its call to ministry in the greater Spokane community and Spokane Diocese.

Thank you.

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